Various benefits produced by coconut fiber

Coconut fiber – Coconut fiber is one of the processed products produced from coconuts, coconut fiber is the part that has been processed to form like hair.

In developed countries, coconut fiber itself is used as a substitute for synthetic materials, for example for car seats, carpets, spring beds, sofas, pillows, mattresses and many other uses produced from coconut fiber.

Coconut fiber has its own characteristics, including being strong, durable and long-lasting, besides that, coconut fiber also contains nutrients and minerals that are very good for plant growth.

Coconut fiber
contains 18% potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, sodium and several other mineral content which is very good for plant growth.

The texture is lighter and does not make the growing media hard.
Contains acidity (pH) in the range of 5.5 to 6.5.
Has good water absorption ability and is able to store water reserves for plants.
Free of bacteria and fungi, and not mossy or yellowing. Safer, environmentally friendly, and minimal pollution. Capable of absorbing liquid, oil and animal waste. Can be used as a substitute for KCL fertilizer, peat growing media and sphagnum. and also a good substrate for mushroom plants.

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